The Keiki Lunchbox

Naturally Good Lunches for Hawaii’s School-Aged Keiki

The Keiki Lunchbox

Naturally Good Lunches for Hawaii’s School-Aged Keiki

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Hawaii’s Premier Caterer Specializing Exclusively in High Quality Food for School-Aged Children

We believe that all of our clients deserve high quality, fresh food that tastes delicious and is good for growing children. That’s why we offer them food that’s as close to its natural state as possible. That means staying away from overly processed food made with yucky chemicals, additives, and trans fats.

Good, Clean Food for Growing Bodies

Real food is the basis of our scratch cooking. That's why our menus never contain premade & preservative rich "pizza pockets" or sauces full of shelf stable ingredients.
Instead, we make our pizza with a rich sauce and real shredded mozzerella, on a whole grain crust. Our freshly made chicken entrees feature homemade teri and huli huli sauces. And our yummy mac & cheese consists of 4 natural ingredients: butter, flour, milk & cheddar cheese.


Keeping it Seasonal, Local & Organic

We’re proud to offer fresh seasonal fruit like bananas, oranges, grapes & watermelon. We choose organic and local when possible and never serve fruit known to be pesticide ridden, like apples and berries, unless they’re organic. What you won’t find on our menus are “diced pears", “sliced peaches,” or “fruit cocktail,” all euphemisms for canned fruit.

Part of our commitment to providing local and organic food at reasonable prices is also seen in our vegetable offerings: organic baby peas, organic carrots, organic mushrooms & broccoli as well as local tomatoes and non-GMO edamame.


Let Us Provide Your Children with Nutritious, Delicious, High Quality Food
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